Supreme Scheme - Vinyl Sticker

Parody of the "Supreme" logo, you know the company that gets people to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for... a shirt..

Vinyl, weatherproof- will stay on cars, windows, water bottles, laptops, etc. 

Tatooine/Patagonia mash-up Sticker - 6" Vinyl sticker

Mash-up of the Patagonia logo with Skywalker's home planet name, Tatooine. 

Great for cars of people who like hiking, camping, and discussing who shot first..

Aprox. 6" long. Will stick and stay anywhere, weatherproof!

Black Panther/Black Cat firecracker logo mashup - Vinyl Sticker

Mashup of the old Black Cat firecracker logo with T'Challa.

Vinyl sticker, stays on anything- anywhere.. even Wakanda.

Baba-Booey on Board! - Baba-Booey Sticker

This is a spoof on those "baby on board" stickers/signs you see on many cars. Perfect for any Stern Show fan.

Show the world you listen to the king of all media, and support his Ma-Ma-Monkey.

And a Baba-Booey to you all.

Approx. 5.5" and completely weatherproof, bawf!

Baba-Booey/Mr. Met Mashup


This sticker is a mashup of Gary Baba-Booey Dell'abte, executive producer of the Howard Stern Show, along with his beloved NY Mets mascot, Mr. Met. Approx. 4", vinyl, weather proof. Perfect for your car, or vinyl player.


Hit 'Em With The Hein/Pirates -Mashup Sticker

Hit em with the Hein all day long with this mashup sticker of the famous catchphrase from the Howard Stern Show and Jon Hein's beloved Pittsburgh Pirates logo.

Approx. 3" wide, vinyl, weatherproof. Perfect for car windows!

Only $3.00

"Peace and Love" Sticker - 6" Vinyl sticker

If you are either a Beatles/Ringo fan or a Stern Show fan, this sticker will ring true for you. Let everybody know to say what they say, "with peace and love" our boy Ringo.

Approx. 7" long, and completely weatherproof, so it will say on your car. ..and I say that with peace and love.

Currently SOLD OUT! Check back soon!

Hail Hydra- Sticker - Digital Art inspired by, well....

Sticker version of the Hail Hydra/D. Trump image. Very popular. Excellent!

Approx. 4" tall

Vinyl, weatherproof, and wins.

Only $3

Lucille/Yankees-Logo Mashup Sticker - 100% weatherproof Vinyl sticker

Parody of the Yankees logo with Lucille from TWD's Negan character. Approx. 4"x4"

NY Giants/Gi-Joe Sticker - Parody mashup of the NY Giants and Gi-Joe Sticker

SOLD OUT! Check back soon.

Yo Giants!

Mashup of the New York Giants and Gi-Joe logos, 100% weatherproof!

Approx. 6" wide

New Orleans Gambit - Vinyl Sticker parody of Gambit & New Orleans Saints "Lil Man"

Vinyl Sticker parody of Gambit & New Orleans Saints retro logo of the "Lil Man"

100% weatherproof

Approx. 4" tall

Sweet's Batman! - Mashup-parody sticker of the Carolina Panthers & Animated Batman

Mashup-parody sticker of the Carolina Panthers & Animated Batman.

100% weatherproof vinyl

Approx. 4" wide

dARTh Sticker - Vinyl Sticker

Spoof on the popular eARTh (earth=art) sticker of lord Darth! Perfect for your ride, weatherproof!

Aprox. 7"x 3"

Princess/Rebel Sticker

Vector artwork sticker, approx. 4" tall. Vinyl, weatherproof. Only $3.00

Rebel Fighter Sticker

The final addition to the minimalist vector "Star Wars" inspired set. Vinyl, 4", weatherproof. $3.00!

Vader Sticker! - Minimalist vector fan art of Darth Vader

100% weatherproof!

3 x 4.5 inch vinyl sticker, stays anywhere!

BB-8 Sticker

Vector minimalist artwork, inspired by BB-8. Vinyl, 4" tall, weather proof.

R2D2 Sticker - Close up minimalist style of R2

1 of a set of Star Wars inspired vector minimalist vector images. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

3 x 4.5 inch vinyl sticker. Sticks to anything, 100% weatherproof!

C3PO Sticker - Close up minimalist style of C3P0

1 of a set of Star Wars inspired vector minimalist vector images. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

3 x 4.5 inch Vinyl sticker, will stick to, window, snowboard, stop sign, etc.

100% Weatherproof! 


Spidey Sticker - Minimalist Vinyl Sticker

Perfect for any Spidey fan out there! Minimalist style of the Spidey face. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Approx. 4.5" long, and yes... it's weatherproof!

Daredevil is a Fightin' Irishman - Vinyl Sticker!

Aprox. 5" vinyl sticker mash-up of comic book superhero Daredevil and the Fightin' Irish logo. Most fans would understand that Mr. Murdock, Daredevil's alias is Irish.

Great for cars, snowboards, laptops etc.!


Dub Nation! - Vinyl Sticker

Check out this play on the classic Keith Haring art, with the GSW's. Approx. 4" wide.


Warriors+Wolverine Mash-up Sticker - 5-6" Vinyl Sticker

High Quality vinyl sticker of the red-hot Golden State Warriors and everyone's favorite mutant. Great fro cars, windows, and just in time for the playoffs!

A's+Avengers Mash-up Sticker - 4" Vinyl Sticker

This is a fun mash-up of the Avengers "A" logo with the Oakland A's logo and colors. Good quality vinyl sticker that is perfect for cars, windows, street signs... etc.

King Sitcker - Vinyl Sticker

Sacramento skyline featuring the colors of the kings!

Dub Toons - Vinyl Sticker

Bringing back the 90's! This mash-up of Bugs and Taz from those old 2 sided tee's from the early 90's, with the #DubNation apparel. Fully weatherproof for your ride, or whatever! Aprox. 4"

Lonney Tunes Sac Kings (Glory Days version) - Vinyl Sticker

90's style Bugs and Taz sporting the Sac Kings gear from the early 2000's and the glory days of the franchise with Bibby and Webber jerseys.

Mamba Toons! - Vinyl Sticker

20 years in the game and he's done! 90's tee-shirt mashup of the Looney Tunes with Kobe's numbers, 8 and 24. About 4x4", high quality vinyl sticker, weatherproof. Perfect for your car, locker, street sign in front of Staples...or whatever! Only $3!